Let yourself be led by the ancients, not enslaved by them

The men who pioneered the old routes are leaders, not our masters. Truth lies open to everyone. There has yet to be a monopoly of truth. And there is plenty of it left for future generations too.
-Seneca, Letters


Do not search for truth only in the ancient texts of the dead. Their words are not scriptures! They are maps. They signify the beginning of a journey, not the end.

So stop your idle worship of bearded statues and realize: the same source from which the words and courage sprung in Aurelius is also within you.

The maps of the ancients are your inheritance, your birthright. But think, one day you too will be ancient - as ancient as Zeno seems to you now. So ask yourself...

Will the future of mankind always need look back to Rome? Or do you too have something to say?